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Pilgrim's Star Identity


Mind Map on Pilgrim's Star Identity, created by mahalihoo on 01/26/2015.
Mind Map by mahalihoo, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by mahalihoo over 7 years ago

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Pilgrim's Star Identity
  1. Website
    1. Relatable, Fun, Down-to-earth
      1. Behind-the-scenes Video
        1. Win chance to meet them
        2. Real musicians
          1. photos with instruments
            1. Simple design
            2. Cool
              1. lots of social media
                1. confident in all photos
                2. Indie
                  1. Symbiotic association with NME, XFM and Rough Trade
                  2. The vintage and retro aspects of Pilgrim's star image is connoted through the lace texture background, however this contrasts with the interactive social media feed which connotes their modern and cool elements.
                  3. Digipak
                    1. Playful, fun and down-to-earth
                      1. smiling in photos
                        1. messing around with props
                          1. light colour scheme
                            1. lace texture promotes feelings of home, nostalgia and vintage
                            2. Authentic & real
                              1. Simple Design
                                1. naturalistic costume, hair and make-up
                                2. Cool
                                  1. Typically indie costumes
                                    1. relaxed confident poses
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