Chemical Health Effects

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Chemical Health Effects
1 routes of entry
1.1 inhalation - breathing in through nose or mouth
1.2 ingestion - normally by eating, drinking or smoking without washing hands
1.3 absorption - chemicals on the skin
1.4 injection - directly into the bloodstream e.g. by needle, or insect/animal bite
2 acute/chronic health effects
2.1 acute health effects
2.1.1 after single/short terms exposure, response is rapid or immediate
2.1.2 normally go's away when the exposure is gone
2.1.3 example: carbon monoxide poisoning
2.2 chronic health effects
2.2.1 from prolonged or repeated exposure over many days, months or years
2.2.2 symptoms may not be immediately apparent and are often irreversible
2.2.3 example: cancer
3 occupational asthma
3.1 sensitisation of respiratory tract
3.2 caused by respiratory irritants e.g. flour, grain, isocyanates, cement dust etc
3.3 symptoms - shortness or breath, wheezing, etc
3.4 once sensitised, small exposure will cause repeat of symtoms
4 dermatitis
4.1 a non-infectious inflammatory condition of the skin caused by contact with chemical, physical or biological agents
4.2 caused by skin irritants e.g. dyes, oils, cement, etc
4.3 constantly wetting hands makes problem worse
4.4 symptoms - dry, cracked, blistered skin on hands and arms
4.5 2 types: contact and allergic
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