COSHH Risk Assessment

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COSHH Risk Assessment
1 sources of info
1.1 product labels
1.2 HSE guidance note EH40
1.3 other HSE guidance
1.4 manufacturers safety data sheets
1.5 suppliers and/or sales rep
1.6 trade associations
2 safety data sheets
2.1 identification of substance
2.2 composition/ingredients
2.3 hazards identification
2.4 first aid measures
2.5 fire fighting measures
2.6 accidental release measures
2.7 handling and storage
2.8 exposure controls/PPE
2.9 physical and chemical properties
2.10 stability and reactivity
2.11 toxicological infroamtion
2.12 ecological infroamtion
2.13 disposal considerations
2.14 transport infroamtion
2.15 regulatory and other information
3 risk factor
3.1 hazards of substance - irritant, toxic, harmful, etc
3.2 quantities of substance and concentrations in use
3.3 work process - brushing, spraying, etc
3.4 risk and safety phrases
3.5 existence of any WELs
3.6 duration/frequency of exposure
3.7 people at risk (no. and vulnerability)
3.8 existing control measures and their effectiveness
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