Fall 2013 Manager Meetings

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Created by Jamieb about 6 years ago
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Fall 2013 Manager Meetings
1 Testimonial Videos
1.1 Lincoln White
2 Recruiting General Session
2.1 New website
2.2 New Recruiting tools
2.3 Chelby PP
2.4 Benefits piece or group
2.5 Intern Calls are for ALL Interns - not a select few
3 Campus Lunch
3.1 Internships
3.1.1 Explain who an Advisor is
3.2 Chelby
3.2.1 #s to Autumn
3.2.2 PP
3.2.3 Video/ Computer Access
3.2.4 Chelby attend in Kearney
3.2.5 Big Notepad to fill out
3.2.6 Utilize Strongest Recruiters to help support
3.3 Intern Interview piece
4 Future
4.1 Intern to MT Awards for February
5 Greek Life Advisory Board
6 Athletic Advisory Board

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