national copyright address

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national copyright address
  1. special administrative unit interior ministry
    1. online registration
      1. pre-register
        1. fill out a form
      2. choose type of form
        1. unpublished literary work
        2. musical piece
        3. artistic works
          1. no projects are registered
            1. flat or sketch are registered
          2. audiovisual work
            1. consider
              1. moral rights of authors
            2. software registration
              1. full documentation
                1. source code
                  1. user manual
                  2. copyright contracts
                    1. write mandatory
                      1. legal effects against third parties
                      2. By: Ivan Dario Gomez Tique Group: 312032_12 Septiembre 2016
                      3. attach the work file
                        1. ready the work registration request has been made
                        2. in 15 business days check user account
                          1. then download registration certificate
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