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I DONT KNOW WAT DIS IS Enghlish Mind Map on PARTS OF A FORMAL LETTER, created by Candy Bunny on 02/05/2015.

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1 Sender's Address
1.1 Include complete address with pincode
1.2 Avoid using abbreviations
1.3 Place a comma at the end of every line of the address
1.4 Place a full stop after the last line
2 Date
2.1 If using numerals, use the format DDMMYY (05.02.2015)
2.2 other formats use 5th May,2013 or May 05,2013
2.3 Salutation
2.3.1 Use appropriate form of tittle to address the recipient; eg: Dear Dr. Adam
2.3.2 When not using the name of the recipient, formal salutation can be used; for example Dear Sir/Madam, etc
2.3.3 Place a comma after the salutation
3 Recipient's Address
3.1 Include recipient's designation, department & name of company where applicable
3.2 Include complete address with pincode
3.3 Place a comma at the end of every line of the address
3.4 Place a full stop after the last line
4 Subject of the letter
4.1 This tell the recipient what the letter is about
4.2 It should be brief, precise and preferably expressed in one sentence
5 Body
5.1 The body of the letter should be clearly divided into 3 parts, namely, introduction, message, conclusion
5.2 The language & the tone should be appropriate to the purpose of the letter
6 Complementary Close
6.1 Any of the formal expressions of subscriptions maybe used; for example Yours faithfully/sincerely; Sincerely yours; yours truely, etc
6.2 Always begin with a capital letter
6.3 The word yours does not have an apostrophe
6.4 Begin the second word with a small letter
7 Signature
7.1 The full name of the sender is written below the complementary close
7.2 The designation or the proffesional rank of the sender maybe written below the signature
8 Enclosures
8.1 If you are enclosing something with your letter, you may indicate this by writing the abbreviation, "Encl." below the signature
8.2 If you are enclosing more than 1 item, list the items.
9 Copies
9.1 If you are sending a copy of the letter to another person, indicate by writing the abbreviation "cc" followed by the person's name
9.2 Write the abbreviation "cc" below the signature or the "Encl"
9.3 "cc" stands for carbon copy or courtesy copy
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