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this is a seach engine to help you find information online, but only in milliseconds. Every day there is lots of searches.

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search engines
  1. different types of serch engines.
    1. google
      1. most popularly used
      2. bing
        1. it is used in a spider meathod
        2. yahoo
          1. it usees crawling
        3. facts
          1. over a billion ideas are in the search engine
            1. and yet thousanda are added in every day
              1. this links to what people want to find about
              2. these have been invented
                1. and more yet to be discovered
            2. what search engines store
              1. After you search what you want
                1. It brakes the letters and understands what you are trying to explain
                  1. it orders it self to the most important to the least
                2. the definition
                  1. it uses a ULR
                    1. World wide web
                    2. something that you what to find information about
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