A Developmental approach Block 1 (Unit 3)

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A Developmental approach Block 1 (Unit 3)
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2 Theorists
2.1 Jean Piaget
2.2 Lev Vygotsky-development in context with environment and social and cultural process
2.3 Charles Darwin-Evolutionist who studied and documented his son William's (Doddy) development through a scientific approach
2.4 Sigmund Freud- Pyscho-analytic
2.5 John Bowlby-attachment theory
3 Factors that;
3.1 Harm development?
3.1.1 19th Century raised questions about how hard/long labour affects childrens bodies and morals
3.2 Alter the term development?
3.2.1 Culture Some cultures measure ability in responsibility rather than development- Navajo tribe
3.2.2 Some argue that "Developmentism" = child as becoming rather than child as being
3.3 Altered our thinking towards development
3.3.1 Romantic era-thoughts changed from physical survival (working) to mental health & social/emotional adjustment (& protection of) Child services developed (to help "protect" children) UNCRC developed to protect children further (regarding the need for development/education etc.)

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