(1) What is Politics

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A level People and Politics (Introducing politics and government ) Mind Map on (1) What is Politics, created by Marcus Danvers on 09/11/2013.

Marcus  Danvers
Created by Marcus Danvers about 6 years ago
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(1) What is Politics
1 Politics is power
1.1 This definition includes an understanding of force – it is about the use of power.
2 Politics is compromise
2.1 Politics is an ethical activity concerned with creating a just society in which we can live together and prefer compromise to
2.2 The problem with this definition is that it does not deal with imposition
3 Politics is public affairs
3.1 All this suggests is that politics is broader than government i.e. it involves us all
3.2 Voting by citizens over 18 so they are participating in our political process
4 Politics is government
4.1 This definition concentrates on specific people, such as the Prime Minister, and institutions such as Parliament
4.2 The problem with this definition is that it limits politics to decision makers
5 What definition do we choose?
5.1 The first and second are about who makes the decision whereas the third and fourth are about how decisions are made.

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