3 - UNIT 9

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3 - UNIT 9
1 Labonte's model of health and well-being
1.1 Physical, Mental &Social = well-being
2 Thornhill
2.1 1999 - NDC programme
2.1.1 Local people involved to develop new health improving services Crafty Crafters/Netball/Dancing
2.1.2 High Levels of deprivation
2.2 Disadvantages to residents?
2.2.1 High teenage pregnancy rates Smokers mental and physical health
2.2.2 Rising number of elderly people
2.2.3 Few jobs
2.2.4 many living on low income including long term disability and incapacity benefits
2.2.5 Socially excluded
3 Acheson Report 1998
3.1 official documents showing health is influenced by location
3.2 Every aspect of health is worse in deprived areas
3.3 Influence on ability to maintain health include living and working conditions
4 GVMT Paper 'Our Healthier Nation' (1999)
4.1 Public health conventions held at schools, workplaces & neighbourhoods
5 Poverty = Higher levels of early death
5.1 Absolute Poverty
5.1.1 Lack of basic human needs
5.2 Relative poverty
5.2.1 Unable to buy warm clothing
5.3 Affect on Health?
5.3.1 Inability to buy fresh fruit and veg
5.3.2 Stress of money worries
5.3.3 leisure interests missed
5.4 Affect on Social relations
5.4.1 children wanting things
5.4.2 couples argue about money
5.4.3 stopped socialising with friends
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