Hero's Journey

Niat Habtemariam
Mind Map by , created about 6 years ago

This shows a hero's journey in any story. This is similar to a plot diagram but is in more depth.

Niat Habtemariam
Created by Niat Habtemariam about 6 years ago
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Hero's Journey
1 Ordinary World
1.1 This is the world where usual routine happens.
2 Call to Action
2.1 The signal that adventure may begin is revealed to the Hero.
3 Refusal to call
3.1 The Hero doesn't want to go on the adventure and is feeling of recluctance.
4 Meeting the Mentor
4.1 The event in which the Hero decides if they will do the adventure (overcoming fear.)
5 Crossing the Threashold
5.1 The point at which Hero crosses into the "special world."
6 Test Allies and Enemies
6.1 The experiment that tests who is on what side, The Hero's Side vs. The Enemy.
7 Approach the Cave
7.1 The Hero must do this in order to prepare for the supreme ordeal.
8 Supreme Ordeal
8.1 The Hero actually dealing with the important situation in the story.
9 Reward
9.1 The Hero is impacted, usually in a positive way at the end and given s
10 The Road Back
10.1 The journey back to the ordinary world.
11 Resurection
11.1 The Hero is tested on what they learned; they are "born again."
12 Elixer
12.1 This is what the hero brings back something that the other characters benifit from.

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