A Streetcar Named Desire Chapter One


Blanche, Stella and Stanley
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A Streetcar Named Desire Chapter One
  1. Stanley
    1. Alpha male figure
      1. Flirts with other women
          1. Dominant in the relationship
            1. Stella is more in love with Stanley - unhealthy relationship
            2. Stella
              1. Sister of Blanche
                1. left family and Blache behind
                  1. not wealthy
                    1. madly in love with Stanley
                      1. Offended by sisters unthoughtfulness
                          1. Once were close
                          2. Blanche
                            1. Affected by money
                              1. comes from a wealthy background
                              2. vain
                                1. unhinged
                                  1. Sexual Tension between Stanley and Blanche
                                    1. Often doesn't think of other's feelings
                                      1. Cares what people think of her looks
                                        1. Once Were Close However no longer
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