International Society

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International Society
1 Derecho Intl como Prueba de la Existencia de una sociedad Intl o al reves: ubi societatis, ibi ius
1.1 Pb of the effectiveness of IL: widespread sensation of ineffectiveness (R. Bretons, 39). IL is not only effective until the conflict becomes political:under IL there's no dispute that isn't political per se (Soerensen, 56)
1.1.1 Practice shows high propensity for spontaneous compliance: State image, credibility (Bretons, 39). Ej: nowdays State won't send troops in another to collect revenue to pay a debt (Schachter,7)
1.1.2 Are relativism and non- formalism the prob.? (consent; no limitations in the forms of expressing will) *** But inevitability of pb of legal certainty (Bretons, 40)
1.1.3 Is Enforceability a prob? Ej: FIFA(private) more effective in achieve compliance (Bretons,42)
1.1.4 Power: Most powerful States imposition of their dogmatic view of the world: Realism Doctrine: Persuing self-interest: Law is an aid to stability, a "gentle civilizer of events", but can't be relied on "to suppress the chaotic and dangerous aspirations of gvts" (Jessup quoted ySchachter,5)
2 Intl society : originality; juxtaposition of sovereign and indept States *** horizontal society; slightly instlized; Formal equality
2.1 Necessity of cooperation to secure cormmon interests through IOs
3 IRs: less technical meaning than PIL. Broader than the diplomatic intercourse b/t States.Encompasses the heterogeneous transactions b/t peoples across borders (Soerensen, 54)

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