The Manchurian Crisis

Matthew Walker
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Mind Map on The Manchurian Crisis, created by Matthew Walker on 02/20/2015.

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Matthew Walker
Created by Matthew Walker over 4 years ago
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The Manchurian Crisis
1 1931-1933
1.1 The crisis was the first major challenge to the League Of Nations.
2 Causes
2.1 Japan was a rising power in Asia and the Pacific and had developed very quickly into a modern trading nation in the early 20th century.
2.2 However, the wall street crash had a major impact on the japanese economy.
2.3 Protectionist policies in the usa and other countries led to a loss of trade. Japan looked for other ways to expand.
2.3.1 Protectionist: The economic theory of using the tax system to protect home industries in the face of foreign competition.
2.4 In 1931, the japanese used the excuse of an attack by chinese troops on a Japanese railway to invade the chinese territory of Manchuria.
2.4.1 Manchuria was rich in natural resources and raw materials and provided a market for Japanese goods. the invasion was a success and Manchuria was renames Manchukuo.
3 Events
3.1 China was in the middle of a civil war and was unable to defend Manchuria.
3.2 the chinese appealed to the league for support against the Japanese. The league sent a commission to investigate the crisis
3.2.1 The commission was very slow and took over a year to investigate, by then the occupation and invasion had been completed.
3.3 The league accepted the findings of the report, condemned the actions of the Japanese and asked japan toi withdraw from the province
3.4 The Japanese left the League and remained in control of Manchuria.
4 Results
4.1 This event marked the beginning of the end for the League
4.1.1 Britain and France were not willing to support the League in taking action against the Japanese,
4.1.2 The League had failed to prevent aggression. this encourages later aggression by Italy and Germany.

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