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  1. PANEL
    1. A small group of people chose to give advice, make a decision or pubicly discuss their opinion as entertainment
      1. it means simply debating by the public, is also used for a particular o formal style of debate in a competitive or educational context-
        1. they are two teams of two compete through six rounds of argument
        1. Is a conversation for gathering information
          1. a research interview involves an interviewer, who cordinates the process of the conversation and ask questions
            1. interviews can be conducted face to face or over the telephone
          1. Know the habilities and the personality of a can candidate of a teamwork and his relation with the other ones
            1. Get information, knowledge, points of view, expirience telling, etcetera. That could benefit the group
              1. This group technique, when it consists of a dialogue, is a natural conversation, leads the professor to better knowledge of students, and students to better knowledge of other colleagues, personality or topical subjects
            2. DIRECTED DEBATE
              1. A group that does not pass from 13 members, is discussing an issue in informal discussion with the active and stimulating aid of a director.
                1. It consists of informal exchange of ideas and information on a subject, performed by a group under the dynamic conduct of a director, who is always given the figure of a director.
                  1. The target discussion can last between 45 and 60 minutes. All kinds of didactytic resources can be used.
                2. SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION
                  1. It is a small group discussion with a small number of people, between 5 and 20, who exchange ideas on a topic informally
                    1. The discussion is conducted around a planned topic that It interests everyone, moving away from it as little as possible.
                      1. The group designates a coordinator to order the discussion, a position that must be rotating. This function will be in charge of the teacher until the students can do it.
                      2. The exchange of ideas follows a certain logical order, although the course of the discussion must be left to the spontaneity of the group.
                    2. FORUM
                      1. This group technique can be used with almost all areas, school curricula with almost all kinds of pupils since the age of 6 - 7 years, as the group formally discusses a theme, fact or problem, driven by a moderator.
                      2. PHILLIPS 66
                        1. This technique has a priority objective: Social Integration, learning to work in groups, the development of community feelings, respect for others and put in common learning.
                          1. This dynamic is that 6 people discuss a topic for 6 minutes. It is particularly useful in groups of more than 20 people.
                            1. Allow to promote the active participation of all members of a group, however large it may be. Obtain the opinions of all members in a short time Reach decision-making
                          2. SIMULTANEOUS DIALOGUE
                            1. The technique consists of dividing a group into pairs that try in a low voice (so as not to disturb others) a subject in a matter of time. In this way the whole group works on the same issue in groups of 2.
                              1. the groups are 2 and work for 2 or 3 minutes.
                                1. The number of members of each group can be modified according to the objective of the teacher taking into account that the treatment of the subject does not take more than 5 minutes.
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