The Tiger's Bride

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The Tiger's Bride
1 Girl
1.1 "glad to depart with him to the kingdom of horses
1.1.1 Judgmental, horses are the 'better beast'
1.2 "Nothing human lives here"- Valet
1.2.1 Tells that she too, is not human "I shrugged the drops off my beautiful fur"
2 Father
2.1 "My father lost me to the Beast at cards"
2.1.1 Objectification of women
2.2 "He laughs, as with glee"
3 Tiger
3.1 "I never saw a man so big look so two dimensional"
3.1.1 Is unreal. He is not a man, he is complete as a tiger
4 Setting
4.1 "This is a melancholy, introspective region"
4.2 "It was cold as hell in the parlour"
4.2.1 Oxymoron
4.3 "A hard frost settled"
5 Fairytale
5.1 Beauty and the Beast
5.2 In this the woman changes into the 'beast'
5.2.1 He is still a prince (with a fault) she does not see it in him.
6 Caste
6.1 "The palace was dismantled"
6.2 "Chosen to live in an uninhabited place"
6.2.1 Solitude, gothic convention
6.3 "Broken windows"
7 Nature
7.1 "You think you've come to the blessed plot where the lion lies down with the lamb"
7.1.1 Biblical reference
7.1.2 "The tiger will never lie down with the lamb... the lamb must learn to run with the tigers" She will join him, not the other way around
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