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Mind Map on THE REINASSANCE, created by León Antonio Aranzazu Restrepo on 03/01/2020.

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  1. Technology / Science
    1. The Perfection of the printing press spread literacy and great works of literature
      1. Investors and scientists like Galileo, Brahe, Copernicus, Newton and bacon discover new scientific evidence that changes our view of the world and solar system. They also invent many things that lead to items we still used today.
      2. Moving North
        1. France invades italy. Culture and philosophy of the renaissance is spread through europe
          1. Northern renaissance figures add artistic and scientific advancements northern philosophers also adopt humanism and question the practices of the church
          2. Government economic changes
            1. Feudalism dies in dies and is replaced with a new system based on the middle class and Merchants.
              1. As powerful families and Merchants gain money and influence they sponsor grate works of art with their extra money
              2. Geography
                1. The Renaissance began in Florence Italy because of the exchange of ideas and money now happening in the city states.
                  1. The Renaissance move north over time to include England France Germany and the Dutch this spread of knowledge will lead to the age of exploration.
                  2. Arts / Culture
                    1. Painters like Da Vinci and Michelangelo bring back and improved classical art style from Rome and Greece
                      1. Works of literature become more widely read and available at growing universities after the perfection of the printing press.
                      2. 3 Main Changes Of Thought
                        1. Secularism emphasis on non religious issues
                          1. Humanism emphasis on the best humans can do on the world around us
                            1. Individualism and emphasis on the importance of a person
                            2. Influencial People
                              1. Peasants and mobility were also influential as they went into the cities.Here they exchanged ideas with other cultures
                                1. Medici family - built a strong network and amassed great fortune which they used to sponsor works of culture.
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