Economic activity

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Economic activity
  1. economic systems
    1. Mixed
      1. The trhee economic agentsintervene
        1. Households
          1. Government
            1. Businesses
          2. Authority
            1. The goverment decies all the thing
            2. Capitalism and free market
              1. Relatioship between households an bussines
                1. The goverment not recive money of the free market
                2. Tradition based
                  1. Relationship based in households
                  2. The supply and demand
                    1. Supply
                      1. The number of products that the bussines make depending of the demand
                      2. Demand
                        1. Is the number of people that want some product
                    2. The main economic activities
                      1. Consume
                        1. Is based on using the goods and services produced.
                        2. Production
                          1. Consists of the creation of goods and services
                          2. Distribution
                            1. Involves transporting goods from the producer to the consumer
                          3. Factors of production
                            1. Labour
                              1. Intellectual labour
                                1. Physical labour
                                2. Capital
                                  1. Human capital
                                    1. The labour that workers contribute
                                    2. Financial capital
                                      1. The money needed to acquire physical capital and pay human capital
                                      2. Phiyical capital
                                        1. Raw materials, facilities, tools and machinery
                                      3. Natural resources
                                        1. Non renewable sources
                                          1. Oil
                                            1. iron ore
                                              1. Natural gas
                                              2. Renewable sources
                                                1. Water
                                                  1. Wind
                                                    1. Flora
                                                      1. Fauna
                                                        1. The sun
                                                    2. Economic agents
                                                      1. Households
                                                        1. meet their needs by using the goods and services offered by businesses and the governments.
                                                        2. Goverment
                                                          1. The government produces an uses goods an services, such as healthcare products to supply public hospitals.
                                                          2. Businesses
                                                            1. Businesses employ labour to produce goods and service, which in turn meet the needs of households and the government.
                                                          3. Needs
                                                            1. Secondary
                                                              1. Confort
                                                                1. Entretainment
                                                                2. Primary
                                                                  1. Water
                                                                    1. Food
                                                                      1. Place to live
                                                                        1. Cothes

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