The canterville Ghost

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The canterville Ghost
  1. By: Oscar Wilde
    1. Characters
      1. Mr. Otis: A very rich american man. he thought thate everything can be bought with money. he doesn´t care about the ghost because he doesn´t believe in it.
        1. Mrs. Otis: Otis´s wife.
          1. Miss Virgina: Otis´s daughter. She was the only one that didn´t seem to share her bother´s jokes to the ghost.
            1. The twins: little boys who laughed and shouted a lot. They liked to play tricks to the ghost.
              1. The ghost: he killed his wife, and suddenly he dissappered mysteriously, his body was never discovered. His ghost still haunts the chase.
                1. Lord Canterville: The man who sells the castle.
      2. Setting
        1. Castle of canterville
        2. Plot
          1. Exposition: Describe the family and the setting . They went to lived to the Castle of canterville
            1. Raising action: When it started to appear blood every morning in the living room and also the ghost started to appear sometimes.
              1. Climax: When the twins started to bother the ghost. the ghost stoped to appear, because he wanted to go out of the house, and went with the other ghosts but he couldn´t.
                1. Falling action: When Virgina talked with the ghost, and started to help him, to arrived with the other ghost.
                  1. Resolution: at the end the ghost could achieved his goal.
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