Harriet Tubman

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Harriet Tubman
1 Where did she live and work?
1.1 Harriet Tubman lived and worked in Dorchester County, Maryland.
2 Why is she so important?
2.1 Harriet Tubman is important because without her, the slaves she helped free wouldn't have made their way out alive. The people who followed in her footsteps to help fight against slavery probably wouldn't have done what they did because of her courage to do what was right.
3 How did she become a hero?
3.1 Harriet Tubman became a hero by saving people from slavery. She helped them escape to the North, where they hoped to find freedom and happiness in their (soon to be) new home.
4 Who was she?
4.1 Harriet Tubman was a woman who planned an escape for slaves to get to freedom. She stayed at the plantation and selected the specific slaves she was going to take with her.
5 What did she do?
5.1 Harriet Tubman slaves to freedom through the underground railroads.
6 When did she live?
6.1 Harriet Tubman lived in Maryland in Dorchester County.
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