B1 5/6/2015 (pm)

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Overview of the B1 core AQA GCSE biology topics.

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B1 5/6/2015 (pm)
1 Keeping Healthy
1.1 Diet, exercise and weight problems
1.2 Inheritance, exercise and health
1.3 Pathogens and disease
1.4 Defence mechanisms
1.5 Antibiotics and resistance
1.6 Immunity
2 Coordination and Control
2.1 Responding to change
2.2 Reflex actions
2.3 Hormones, the menstrual cycle and fertility
2.4 Controlling conditions
2.5 Hormones and the control of plant growth
3 Medicine and Drugs
3.1 Developing new medicines
3.2 Drugs
3.3 Drugs in sports
4 Adaptation and survival
4.1 Adaptations
4.2 Competition
4.3 Environmental change and it's impact
5 Energy in Biomass
5.1 Pyramids of biomass
5.2 Decay and processes
5.3 The carbon cycle
6 Variation, reproduction and technology
6.1 Inheritance
6.2 Reproduction and variation
6.3 Cloning
6.4 Genetic engineering
6.5 Making choices about technology
7 Evolution
7.1 Theories of evolution
7.2 Natural selection
7.3 Classification and evolution
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