How to do well in English AF2?

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A brief description of Assessment focus 2 in English.

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How to do well in English AF2?
1 What it is?
1.1 Understand, describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from text and use quotation and reference to texts.
2 How to do well in AF2?
2.1 Increased precision in selection and application of textual reference to the point being made.
2.2 Ability to draw on other sources develop an argument.
2.3 Relevant points identified, from different sources or different places in the same text.
2.4 Ability to summarise and synthesise information.
2.5 Reference or quotes support ideas.
2.6 Relevant points identified, including ones form different places in the text.
2.7 Comments generally supported by textual reference or quotes, not always accurately.
2.8 Some points identified.
2.9 References and quotes used generally relevant.
2.10 Simple obvious points identified may be some misunderstanding.
2.11 Retelling or paraphrasing sections of text rather than using it to support a comment
2.12 Some specific, straightforward information recalled e.g Names, places.
2.13 Generally clear of where to look for information.
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