How Hitler became Chancellor

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How Hitler became Chancellor, GCSE History- Germany 1919-1945

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How Hitler became Chancellor
1 Long Term Bitterness
1.1 The Treaty of Versailles
1.1.1 War Guilt
1.1.2 Reparations
1.1.3 Military Loss
1.1.4 Territorial Loss
1.1.5 Made Germany feel humiliated Made them seem weak.
2 Ineffective Constitution
2.1 Government
2.1.1 Proportional Representation % Votes=% of seats 51% was considered a majority
2.2 Coalitions were formed
2.2.1 Parties had different views
2.2.2 Power Struggles
2.3 Article 48
2.3.1 Presidentual rule in Emergencies
3 Money
3.1 Wealthy Businessmen
3.1.1 Own Very large companies
3.2 Some examples include Alfred Hugenburg and Ford
4 Propaganda
4.1 Josef Gobbels
4.1.1 Minister for Propaganda
4.2 Promoted Nazi Views
4.2.1 That Hitler would be the saviour of Germany
4.3 Includes posters, speeches, air travel and newspapers
4.3.1 The Nazis owned 9 state newspapers
5 Program
5.1 25 point Program
5.1.1 List of policies
5.2 This was very flexible
5.2.1 If something was proved unpopular, it would be changed
5.3 Something for everyone
6 Attacks on other parties
6.1 Those who opposed Hitler
6.1.1 Political opponents
6.2 The use of the SA
6.2.1 Used to scare people
6.2.2 Use of terror
6.3 E.g. Communists
7 Personal Qualities
7.1 Exceptional Speaker
7.2 Strong Leader
7.3 Organised
7.4 Clever
7.5 Persuasive
8 Economic Depression
8.1 Weak Government
8.1.1 Rise of Extremism Nazis Communists
8.2 Wall Street Crash
8.2.1 Leading to Germany's great depression of 1929 America recalled loans given to Germany (Young/Dawes Plans)
8.3 Businesses close down
8.3.1 Mass Unemployment
9 Recruited by Hindenberg
9.1 Thought he could control Hitler
9.2 Hitler contemplated suicide after he lost seats in the November 1932 election


  • In June 1932, The Nazi party had 230 seats. In November 1932, the Nazis had 196 seats.
9.3 Von Papen convinced Hindenberg to allow Hitler to be Chancellor
9.4 (Of course) This plan to "Control" Hitler failed!
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