religion war and peace

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religion war and peace
1 reasons for war
1.1 revenge
1.2 protection of religions
1.3 for power
1.4 possetions
1.5 terrorism
1.6 peace
1.7 empire
1.8 deaths
1.8.1 payback conker
2 Buddhism teachings
2.1 eight fold paths
2.1.1 right meditation keep your mind focused and be inwardly calm. have a peaceful state of mind. meditate with compasion
2.1.2 right speach tell the truth, do not swear or hurt people with what you say
2.1.3 right effort work for good not evil. work hard to follow the eight fold path
2.1.4 right mindfulness control your mind, and do not be self-indulgent be aware of your actions
2.1.5 right thought is to think of compatiion all the time to others, show love. follow his teachings
2.1.6 right action do not kill or injure any living creature. be kind and do not steal.
2.1.7 right livelyhood your job should not cheat anyone or cause them harm. set a good example to others
2.1.8 right view understand the four noble truths. appreciate the good points in yourself and in others.
2.2 5 moral precepts: all Buddhists live by the five moral precepts which means they try to avoid.
2.2.1 4. do not lie or gossip do not talk behind peoples backs if you lie it causes hatred
2.2.2 3. harmful sexual activity do not rape or abuse anyone
2.2.3 1. harming living things do not hurt and living creature on purpose even humans
2.2.4 2. taking what is not given stealing
2.2.5 5. taking intoxicating substances drugs alcahol
2.3 4 noble truths
2.3.1 2. suffering is caused greed hatred delution
2.3.2 3. suffering can end nirvana putting out the 3 fires
2.3.3 4. the forth noble truths is the eight fold paths
2.3.4 1. life is suffering
3 the United Nations
3.1 what they do
3.1.1 send supplies
3.1.2 send shelter
3.1.3 build structures
3.1.4 fight deadly viruses
3.1.5 fight wars
3.2 it is making quite a difference as they are helping people in poverty and civilians in war which have been forced to flee their homes they also help people stop children in to becoming child soldiers also they are helping the objective of others from suffering
3.3 have peace talks to avoid war
4 just war theory
4.1 good intentions
4.1.1 must go to war for a good cause
4.2 last resort for war
4.2.1 must try everything before going to war
4.3 lawfully declares
4.3.1 must look at law before going to war
4.4 thought by just means
4.4.1 must think it through before doing war
4.5 acceptance peron
4.5.1 a high in command must give permision
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