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Our Artists star image


Mind Map on Our Artists star image, created by denzil_buck96 on 03/09/2015.
Mind Map by denzil_buck96, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by denzil_buck96 over 7 years ago

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Our Artists star image
  1. Clothing Style
    1. Jeans and chinos
      1. Trainers or smart shoes
        1. Smart casual tops
        2. Hobbies
          1. Swimming
            1. Riding Motorbike
              1. Playing keyboard and guitar
                1. Travelling
                2. Inspirations
                  1. Calvin harris
                    1. I need your love
                    2. Chvrches
                      1. Dan Black
                        1. Josef Tal
                        2. Personality
                          1. Lively
                            1. Outgoing
                              1. Confident
                              2. History
                                1. Grew up in USA
                                  1. Moved to England at 18
                                    1. Always liked electro music
                                    2. Ambitions
                                      1. Aims to be top electro music artist
                                        1. Aims to have a top album by 2017
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