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Developed Idea
1 Macro Codes and Conventions, Symbolic elements
1.1 Narrative
1.1.1 Binary Opposition Human vs Supernatural Good Vs Evil Sane Vs Insane
1.1.2 False Scares Doors Slamming Lights Flickering An object smashing ( perhaps a mug)
1.1.3 Death Main character is shown dead at the resolution
1.2 Genre
1.2.1 Psycological Possibility of the Villain's return at the resolution. Sounds and false scares play with the audiences instabilities and fears. Supernatural story line. Audience can relate easily. Plot Twists
1.3 Character Codes
1.3.1 Non-stereotypical Hero Lily (The main woman) however she dies at the end. Stereotypically weak and vulnerable Destined to die Appears feeble, fragile and helpless Unable to fight back and escape Perhaps a stupid immoral teenager, first house to herself Blonde, Pale dress, innocent, pure, attractive
1.3.2 Villain The slightly disturbed woman in the photograph Paranormal character Cause sincere equilibrium
1.4 Location/Setting
1.4.1 Haunted House Entrapment and isolation Matt's Grandparents house Empty Long corridoors and multiple rooms For the Villain to hide amongst and torment the character/audience Dimly Lit Abandoned
1.4.2 Relateable scenario Every day looking house The same thing could happen to the audience.
2 Micro Codes and conventions, Technical elements
2.1 Camera Work
2.1.1 High angles Emphasise vulnerblity of protagonist, Lily
2.1.2 Close up Especially when Lily realises that the woman in the photograph is moving.
2.1.3 Tracking/ Panning Will be used to a high extent, especially in the montage title shots. To mirror movement. As if the protagonist is constantly being followed. By the woman in the photograph. Whip pan will be used when an object breaks and Lily turns suddenly.
2.2 Editing
2.2.1 Fast paced, nearer the end as the tension builds up to the climax.
2.2.2 Minimal editing throughout to give it a realistic approach Audience can relate
2.2.3 Slow motion On the montage title shots to mirror eeriness of the setting
2.2.4 Transitions Fade to black after titles and after the death Connotes death ( the colour) Provokes tension as the audience face a short period of precariousness. Maximises tension
2.3 Sound
2.3.1 Diegetic sounds Objects smashing, door slamming, Light Flickering, water running, rustling of newspaper.
2.3.2 Non- Diegetic sounds Sound effects When the Photograph moves, jumpy sound effects occur.
2.3.3 Deep rumbling sound throughout Like deep breathing, creates uneasiness
2.3.4 Pace, volume increases in jumpy scenes, when the unexplainable events occur.
2.4 Mise en scene
2.4.1 Dark lighting, dark blue filter to create contrast Lights flicker
2.4.2 Makeup Blood to show the capability of Villain Minimal Makeup, to promote innocence and vulnerability The antagonist will have dark eyeshadow to deepen eye sockets and to mirror unrest and pale makeup to look ill and eery.
2.4.3 Costume Lily wearing delicate, girly, pale pink dress, connoting innocence and vulnerability. The antagonist ( woman in photograph) wears a nightie and is barefooted. Connotes that she is mentally unstable, has recently been in an asylum.
2.4.4 Props Mug, Fake Blood, Boxes, newspaper, photo frames, photographs,
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