Effects of Human Trafficking

Millie Aitken
Mind Map by , created about 6 years ago

Geography Mind Map on Effects of Human Trafficking, created by Millie Aitken on 09/22/2013.

Millie Aitken
Created by Millie Aitken about 6 years ago
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Effects of Human Trafficking
1 Social
1.1 Separates families/communities
1.1.1 1 less to look after/cook for (poor families)
1.1.2 1 less family member to contribute (poor families)
1.1.3 Increased family viloence
1.1.4 Increased crime rate
1.1.5 Rejection on return
1.2 Individual recieves physical abuse/torture
1.2.1 Increased risk of STI's
1.2.2 Physical Mistreatment
1.2.3 Raped
1.3 Negative experience for victim
1.3.1 Emotional/psychological abuse
1.3.2 Violation
1.3.3 Forced use of drugs
1.4 Families/individuals experience threats
1.5 Risk of psyhcological conditions e.g. depression
1.5.1 Risk of social deveoplment difficulties No guaranteed recovery
2 Economic
2.1 Exploitation
2.1.1 Slaves Sex Slaves Labour Slaves Regular source of income for traffickers
2.2 Very expensive for:
2.2.1 Resources/personal used for prevention
2.2.2 Treatment and support of victims
2.2.3 Prosecution of offenders
2.3 Less tax for the governement
2.3.1 Less money/resources for prevention
3 Political
3.1 Impact on countries/secret forces reputation
3.2 Breaking of human rights

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