Educating Rita- Metaphors and Symbolism

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Educating Rita- Metaphors and Symbolism
1 'First Floor'
1.1 Gives Rita a different perspective on life
1.2 Look down on people
1.2.1 Contrasts to her position in society
2 'Victorian Built'
2.1 Symbolic of permenance, structure and stability
2.2 What Rita is looking for
2.2.1 'Scratches out the intial 'S' ' Hatred for past self What she wants to do to her past self
3 'Walls lined with books'
3.1 Symbolic of the world of knowedge
3.1.1 Rita Aspires to
4 'Stupid Bleeding Handle on the door'
4.1 Metaphor
4.1.1 Barrier between the working and middle class
5 'Rita is standing in the doorway, holding a small can of oil'
5.1 Breaking down the barrier
5.1.1 'Keep your mouth shut or she'll make us write an essay on it' As soon as she tried she was told no when she tried to get educated she was told no
5.2 'Small'
5.2.1 Not enough , Insignificant change, only for her.
5.3 'Fantastic bird, all coloured it was, like dead out of place round our way'
5.3.1 Metaphor for Rita
5.3.2 Symbolic of Freedom Birds- Flight
6 'I like walking around this room'
6.1 Shows freedom she is offered by being there
7 'Perfect mess'- Room
7.1 Symbolic of how Rita sees Frank
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