Treaty of Versailles (28th June 1919)

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Treaty of Versailles (28th June 1919)


  • 28th of  June 1919
1 Land
1.1 Different countries developed e.g Poland
1.2 70,000 km (13%)
1.2.1 Lorraine
1.2.2 Alsace
1.2.3 Saar Coal lost to French for 15 years
1.2.4 Rhineland Citizens handed to the French Economy gone down
1.3 Lost all colonies
1.3.1 6 million German people lost
1.4 10% industry and 15% agriculture taken
1.4.1 Reduced income
2 Blame
2.1 Countries
2.1.1 German Hated it unfair Assumed light punishment because they're bankrupt Betrayed Signers are 'November Criminals' 1920 revolution Blame denied in 1927 Humiliated Kaiser fled and step down in 1918 9th of November Weimar Republic First president Friedrich Ebert Army surrendered People thought Gov ended a 'winning' war Bankrupt Less money less jobs due to less land Starving
2.1.2 Britain Reparation money Too harsh Cause another war in 25 years
2.1.3 America Set up League of Nations
2.1.4 France Punishment so Germany won't attack again Protection from League of Nations
2.2 Took all blame
2.2.1 Banned League of Nations (Anschluss) reunite with austria
3 Money
3.1 £6.6 billion in reparations in 1921
3.1.1 Paid over 42 years Economic crisis Bankrupt from war and less income from loss of land Unlikley to recover
4 Army
4.1 Lost pride and fearful status
4.2 NO: tanks, subs, airforce, poison gas
4.3 100,000 men
4.3.1 Army soldiers joined Friekorp
4.4 6 battleships
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