Idiomatic Future (Be Going To)

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ACT Year 12 Certificate Ingles Mind Map on Idiomatic Future (Be Going To), created by Benjamín Reyes on 03/16/2015.

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Idiomatic Future (Be Going To)
1 Function
1.1 To express: -Plans -Predictions -Near future
2 Grammar
2.1 Subject+Verb tobe+Going to+Verb inf.+Complements
2.2 Verb tobe+Subject+Going to+Verb inf.+Complements+?
2.3 Subject+Verb tobe+Not+Giong to+Verb inf.+Complements
3 Examples
3.1 I am not GOING to travel by plane
3.2 Is the teacher GOING to travel with us?
3.3 I am GOING to go to the agenci tomorrow to finish this process
4 Notes
4.1 Only when speaking or using colloquial English, we have an other form of going to: Gonna
4.2 Tomorrow: -Morning -Night -Afternoon
4.3 Next: _____________
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