A Doll's House

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A Doll's House
1 Setting
1.1 It takes place in Norway in the 1880s. Society expected the women to obey their husbands and be dependent on their husbands
1.2 The setting influenced the characters because back then it made men have a sense of entitlement. Women weren't as educated as men. If it were set in a later time, it wouldn't be so absurd that Nora left Torvald.
2 Archetypes
2.1 The Fall
2.1.1 Nora's fall happens when she learns that Krogstad put his letter down the mail slot. She completely breaks down.
2.2 Tragic Hero
2.2.1 Torvald is the tragic hero because his choice to abuse his wife leads to the ending of his perfect family.
2.3 Haven vs. Wilderness
2.3.1 Nora's Haven vs. Wilderness is when she left the "safety" of her family for a new life.
3 Character Analysis
3.1 Torvald
3.1.1 The choices he makes is he's very controlling over Nora and his money, and he's forcefully opinionated. He wants a "perfect" family. He was not successful in this as his wife walked out on him.
3.2 Krogstad
3.2.1 The choice he makes is he tried to recall his letter to Torvald. He wanted to keep his job, but he wasn't successful aas Ms. Linde took his job.
4 Theme
4.1 Nora realizes she has sacrificed her identity for Torvald because at the end of the play, she admits it. She put up with his ridicule and conformed to his rules.
4.2 In A Doll's House, people are seldom as they appear to be. Krogstad is one of these characters as he initially appears cruel and harsh, but as it turns out he was actually looking out for his family.
5 Evaluation
5.1 A Doll's House is a significant piece of literature because of it's depiction of a family against the "social norm" of that time period.
5.2 The audience was was so upset by Nora's actions because back then it was very uncommon for a woman to leave her spouse. Audiences today would be more understanding.
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