Urbanisation(junior cert GEO)

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Urbanisation(junior cert GEO)
1 unplanned growth of cities.
2 Dublin's development
2.1 Vikings
2.1.1 Anglo-Normans 16th - 18th century 19th century Capital
3 Functional zones
3.1 CBD
3.1.1 main businesses, very expensive
3.1.2 Industrial areas manufacturing centres, heavy industries industrial estates - outskirts Residential areas
4 Paris
4.1 primate city
4.2 CBD-core area of business and shopping
4.2.1 banks, stock exchange, government offices
4.2.2 Shopping activity Champs Elysées small shopping areas in suburbs Residential areas apartment blocks, satellite towns Industrial areas fashion, printing & publishing, modern industries, car assembly Open spaces parks, along banks of the Seine
5 Land values
5.1 city centre = expensive, multi-storey
5.1.1 suburbs = costs less, large business companies
6 Residential Accommodation
6.1 council apartments
6.1.1 terraced housing expensive town houses semi-detached homes luxury homes
6.2 Quality
6.2.1 home size- were small now large modern materials- insulation
7 Commuting to work
7.1 rush hour traffic
7.1.1 congestion charges public transport-nearby,cheap,reliable,fast Dublin-bus,DART,luas restricting car use- expensive parking,clamping,pedestrian only streets
8 Urban problems
8.1 zones of decline and of sprawl
8.1.1 zone of decline=inner city unemployment, population decline,authority housing,derelict sites urban sprawl=uncontrolled spread of the city into the countryside invades countryside,concrete jungle,long commuter journeys Unemployment work near ring roads(suburbs) CBD=skilled jobs children drop out of school, not computer literate, basic skills
9 Urban Improvements
9.1 renewal= knocking down and rebuilding houses/flats for residential purposes
9.1.1 redevelopment= knocking down houses/flats and building hotels,etc(function changes) Urban renewal: Fatima Mansions lone parents,poverty,educationally disadvantaged-drop out,unemployment,ill health,drugs renewal:new housing,safe community,raising education levels,improving health,training for jobs... arts&culture,sport & recreation,facilities,environment awareness
9.2 Planning of new towns
9.2.1 Tallaght=improved the area The Square,hospital,LUAS,Tallaght IT,sporting facilities Adamstown new town; near railway,high density, good services, District centre;shops,offices,facilities, sports and parks
10 Urbanisation in the Developing Worls
10.1 social & economic inequalities , Unplanned development
10.1.1 Kolkata social and economic inequalities:CBD=luxurious,wealthy poor districts:narrow streets, cramped homes taxi drivers,tradesmen,factory workers they live in Squatter Settlements Unplanned development: inward migration Squatter settlements or Shantytowns near railways,steep banks,under flyovers,waste land,outskirts health risks:no sanitation or running water heavy labour:construction,collect recycling,heavy loads
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