Why have a Woodland Management Plan?


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Why have a Woodland Management Plan?
  1. Health and Safety for public access woods
    1. Sustainable production of timber and other products
      1. Stating your objectives
        1. What you are doing and why
          1. Creating public access
            1. Public footpath
              1. signs
                1. Health and safety
                  1. removal of dangerous trees
                2. Bridleway
                  1. Public openwoodland
                    1. Rights of Way Act 1990
                3. to protect the contractor
                  1. Protect the owner
                    1. Help to maintain good relations
                    2. To help with leglislation
                      1. TPOs
                        1. Town and Country Planning Regs
                        2. Protected areas
                          1. SSSI's
                            1. Natural England
                            2. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
                              1. National or Local nature Reserve
                              2. Highways Act
                                1. Occupiers Liability Act 1967
                                  1. Felling Licence
                                    1. Forestry Commission
                                  2. Clear Management Objectives
                                    1. Work Programme
                                      1. Recreation
                                        1. Improve or create rights of way
                                          1. Create new recreational activity
                                          2. Timber production
                                            1. Thinning
                                              1. Coppice
                                              2. Wildlife conservation
                                                1. Habitat creation
                                                  1. Habitat improvement
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