Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men
1 Themes
1.1 American Dream
1.2 Lonliness
1.3 Compansionship
1.4 Racism and sexism
2 Characters
2.1 George
2.2 Lennie
2.3 Workers
2.3.1 Slim Leading worker in the bunk house Masculine Strong Slim gives Lennie a puppy Comforts George for killing Lennie Intelligant Understanding Agrees that candys dog should be killed Respected Listened too Power Importance
2.3.2 Candy Lost his right arm Reduced to worst job, 'Swamper' Finds Curleys Wifes dead body Age and physical weakness emphasied Strong Statement of the novel: such people are worthy of our respect Warns George and Lennie about Curley Friendship Offers $300 to help by the farm (dream) Caring Had a hard life Allows Carlson to shoot his old dog Relationship with dog like George's relationship with Lennie Symbolises the idea that once you become old and can't work your just seen as surplus population and not wanted (on a ranch)
2.3.3 Crooks Stable Buck Lives in stable Isolated Sympathise with him 'Busted' Spine Disability Lives with constant pain Curleys with has power over him: Get him lynched if she cries rape Doesnt want to be involved in the dream Victim of racial prejudice Proud, Independent and Intelligant
2.4 Curleys Wife
3 Plot
3.1 Section 1
3.1.1 George and Lennie have walked a long way, towards the ranch and stop at the Salinas River
3.1.2 They had to leave their previous job because Lennie touched a girls dress
3.1.3 We learn that Lennie is slow understanding: where he is petting a dead mouse
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