Chronic Venous Insufficiency

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Chronic Venous Insufficiency
1 Pathophysiology
1.1 Damaged valve in vein
1.1.1 Venous Distention Venous Hypertension Venous Stasis Inflammation
2 Epidemiology
2.1 More common in women
2.2 Peak age 40-49 for women, 70-79 in men
2.3 Increased in Westernized nations
3 Presentation
3.1 edema of lower extremities
3.2 hyperpigmentation of feet and ankles
3.3 Venous stasis ulcers
3.4 Throbbing, burning sensation
3.5 leg fatigue
4 Diagnosis
4.1 Duplex ultrasound
4.2 Magnetic resonance venography
4.3 Venous function tests
5 Treatment
5.1 Elevate legs
5.2 Compression stockings
5.3 Avoid prolonged sitting/standing
5.4 Vein ligation/stripping
5.5 Sclerotherapy
5.6 Weight loss
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