Invasion of Poland

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Invasion of Poland
1 Hitler thought France and Britain would continue appeasement
1.1 Bradley Lightbody: "gross miscalculation"
1.1.1 Invasion was a gamble German army was not at full strength Hitler dismissed his generals' concerns They thought France and Britain would attack There would be almost no army in Germany if this happened
1.2 Hitler was confident that victory would be swift
1.2.1 Blitzkrieg offensive
1.2.2 World's first armoured corps
1.3 He judged them to be weak and indecisive leaders
1.3.1 Neville Chamberlain (Britain)
1.3.2 Edouard Daladier
1.3.3 Thought they would want peace not war
2 1 September 1939
2.1 62 German divisions supported by 1300 aircraft invaded Poland
2.1.1 Poland requests help from Britain and France
2.2 3 September 1939
2.2.1 3pm Britain declares war on Germany
2.2.2 5pm France declares war on Germany
3 Germany and the USSR
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