Explore/Discuss Yeats' emotion in The Cold Heaven

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Explore/Discuss Yeats' emotion in The Cold Heaven
1 Yeats shows his confusion in 'The Cold Heaven' through his descriptions and language
1.1 'rocked to and fro' (L7)
1.1.1 rocks with syllables of poem 14, 12, 14, 12, 15 12, 13, 12, 13, 11, 13, 12
1.1.2 having existentialist crisis
1.1.3 refrain of TSC
1.1.4 unknown, wavering
1.2 'ice burned and was but more ice" (L2)
1.2.1 Answers only lead to more questions he's burned away the unknown, but more mystery was left behind
1.2.2 rhymes with L4- what is 'this'?
1.2.3 contradictory
1.2.4 creates steam, concealing truth
1.3 'confusion of the deathbed' (L10)
1.3.1 life after death= one of the biggest mysteries for humans
1.3.2 literal
1.3.3 experiencing the confusion people feel on their deathbed
2 Pain seems to be a large aspect of this poem.
2.1 'riddled with light' (L9)
2.1.1 /Rid/dled with /light/
2.1.2 seems to stand alone '/...,'
2.1.3 connotes bullet holes light (knowledge/ memories) is piercing him
2.2 "ice burned" (L2)
2.2.1 short vowel/long vowel blunt harsh
2.2.2 juxtaposing
2.2.3 both painful
2.2.4 conscience- ness
2.2.5 juxtaposing
2.3 "stricken" (L11)
2.3.1 predicting future pain, anticipation of death
2.3.2 rhymes with 'quicken' (L9)
2.3.3 falling- /strick/en
2.3.4 punished by God = hell
3 Yeats appears to be nostalgic in this poem.
3.1 love crossed long ago (L6)
3.1.1 rocking
3.1.2 /love/ crossed /long/ ago
3.1.3 remembering old times
3.2 should be out of season (5)
3.2.1 belong to passed age
3.2.2 should- it's wrong that he feels them now
3.2.3 something's happened to dredge up old memories
3.2.4 rhymes with reason but it's against reason
3.2.5 hunting season
3.2.6 sibilance
3.2.7 Sept1913 meant to be rational now irrational memories
4 Yeats seems be experiencing sadness and loss in The Cold Heaven.
4.1 "I cried and trembled" (L7)
4.1.1 violent emotions
4.1.2 I /cried/ and /trem/bled
4.2 "love crossed long ago" (L6)
4.2.1 linked to 'fro' (L8)
4.2.2 still not over lost love
4.2.3 betrayal?
4.2.4 /love/ crossed /long/ ago alliteration on stressed words
4.3 "vanished, and left but memories" (L5)
4.3.1 mourning loss of something
4.3.2 empty, despairing
4.3.3 enjambment, overflowing
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