Childhood (Sociologists)

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Family Key Concepts
AQA A-Level Sociology: Roles in the Family
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Childhood - Sociologists
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Families and Households
AQA A-Level Sociology: How Childhood has Changed
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Childhood (Sociologists)
1 Punch
1.1 Cross cultural differences for the social construct of childhood
1.1.1 In Bolivia, children at 5 years old are expected to take some work responsibilities in the home and community. These tasks are also expected to be taken on without question or hesitation.
2 Pilcher
2.1 separateness
2.1.1 children and adults are separate: this can be seen through the law i.e. film ages (18, 12), dress codes, age of consent... etc
3 Aries
3.1 Studied paintings of children from the Middle Ages
3.1.1 Argued childhood did not exist back then: the paintings showed children performing the same tasks as the adults, wearing similar clothes ('mini adults')
4 Postman
4.1 'disappearance of childhood'
4.1.1 This is due to children being given the same rights as adults children are committing more serious crimes
4.1.2 this is due to television: in modern society, television blurs the line between adults and children.
5 Palmer
5.1 'toxic childhood'
5.1.1 due to rapid technological changes in the past 25 years it has damaged childrens' emotional, physcial and intellectual development i.e. through junk food, computer games and intensive marketing towards children.
6 Margo and Dixons
6.1 Reports for the UK show it is around the top for obesity, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse for the youth.
7 Firth
7.1 Did studies on cross-cultural differences for children
7.1.1 in Tikopia, he found doing as an adult tells you is a choice left up to the child

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