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mi vida en 5 años

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0-5 years
1 Economy
1.1 When I study at the university my parents will pay for it, after i hope to pay it for myself.
1.1.1 Save a lot of my work to become independt
2 Academic
2.1 To do my best at the university and where I work
2.1.1 Having a big change from school to university to improve my grades in every aspect
3 Family
3.1 I will visit and take care of them
4 Health
4.1 To be OK, thanks God I am very healthy
4.2 Treat not to have any disease
5 Work
5.1 I will be studying at the university, maybe working to get my own money
6 Social
6.1 I"ll be in the city where it all my family, with my cousin who always we share everything
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