Chronic Venous Insufficiency

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Chronic Venous Insufficiency
1 Pathophysiology
1.1 Arteries bring oxygen-rich blood from you heart to the rest of your body
1.1.1 veins return oxygen-poor blood back to your heart when your leg veins cannot pump enough blood back to your heart you have CVI
1.2 Epidemiology
1.2.1 Blood pressure higher than normal long term inside your legs
1.2.2 valve damage back flow of blood
1.2.3 A Deep Vein Thrombosis or Phlebitis raise pressure and obstruct the flow
2 symptoms
2.1 ankles may swell
2.2 calves feel tight
2.3 legs may feel heavy
2.4 tired
2.4.1 restless
2.4.2 achy
2.5 pain while walking or shortly after stopping
3 Risk factors
3.1 family history
3.1.1 overweight pregnant not excercising smoking standing or setting for long periods of time age gender
3.2 CVI affects women more over age 30
4 diagnosis
4.1 health history
4.1.1 physical assessment measure blood pressure in bilateral legs duplex ultrasound a venogram
5 treatment
5.1 compression stockings for mild CVI
5.2 sclerotherapy
5.2.1 abalation vein stripping bypass valve repair
5.3 angioplasty and stenting
6 clinical presentation
6.1 leg pain when walking or standing
6.1.1 relieve with rest