The Clown Punk

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The Clown Punk

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The Clown Punk
1 Meaning
1.1 1.
1.1.1 The narrator is driving through a dodgy part of town with his children in the car when he sees a punk who's all covered in tattoos.
1.2 2.
1.2.1 He is an outsider is society and his appearance reminds the narrator of a clown. the narrator wants the children to imagine the punk when he's old.
1.3 3.
1.3.1 At the traffic lights, the man steps out in front of the car and presses his face up to the window screen. The children in the back of the car scream as they drive away
2 Imagery
2.1 Images of painting - the punk is physically covered in tattoos which emphasise his clown-like appearance. The punk attitude behind his tattoos is also part of his identity.
2.2 Images of injury - Imagery relating to the accidents and the injuries makes the punk seem even more disturbing. It highlights how ridiculous he'll look in 30 years time.
3 Tone
3.1 Discomfort - There's an implication that we could turn out like him too.
3.2 Pity - The narrator seems to feel sorry for the punk and says we shouldn't laugh at him. He wants the children to remember the punk when he's old.
3.3 Pride - The punk doesn't seem to care what society thinks of him. He displays his punk identity in the tattoos that cover his face and body.
4 Structure
4.1 Initially, he presents the clown punk as an outsider on the edge of society. The poem is structured around the moment where the family's and the punk's worlds collide.
5 Form
5.1 The poem is written in sonnet form. It is ironic because sonnets are often associated with love.
6 Language
6.1 The rhyme in the phrase "town clown" contributes to the creation of a comic image, before telling us not to laugh.
7 Themes
7.1 The Clown Punk is a character who could be either frightening or comic, but the narrator warns, "don't laugh". Instead the poem creates a pathetic figure, who will be "deflated" by the years.
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