G20 Summit Toronto. Why does the power and privilege of Toronto Police lead to injustice?

Miranda Sharp
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This is my grade 10 civics project

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G20 Summit Toronto. Why does the power and privilege of Toronto Police lead to injustice?
1 What Powers were abused? How?
1.1 Authority
1.1.1 Police officers used excessive force and illegally detained people during the summit protest
1.2 Force
1.2.1 Since the police have the right to physically handle someone if they believed they were a threat, they would use strong and unnecessary force to all protesters even the ones who are being peaceful
2 Causes of Injustice
2.1 Poor Planning
2.2 Police were using excessive force
2.3 Police were being too focused on arresting all protestors
3 Consequences Of Injustice
3.1 "The detention Centre where most arrests were held was now known for being poorly planned, designed and operated"
3.2 "Numerous police officers used excessive force when arresting individuals, and seemed to send a message that violence would be met with violence"
3.3 Innocent people that were just walking along the sidewalk were arrested even though they weren't part of the protest. "Mr. Taylor, who was 'scooped up' off the sidewalk, even though he wasn't part of the protest"
4 Solutions To Injustice
4.1 Have better planning and enhanced co-operation between police forces
4.2 Change the system for dealing with large crowds and arrest
4.3 More training for officers about the limits of police power
4.4 Police need to allow more time to provide warnings before arresting
4.5 Improve communication between all protestors and police officers
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