Lasers in medicine

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Lasers in medicine
1 Cultural
1.1 Good
1.2 Bad
2 Environmental
2.1 Bad
2.2 Good
3 Political
3.1 Good
3.2 Bad
4 Social
4.1 Good
4.2 Bad
5 Economic
5.1 Bad
5.1.1 A lot of people can not afford the cure
5.2 Good
6 Ethical
6.1 Good
6.2 Bad
7 Laser eye surgery
7.1 Bad
7.1.1 Your skin colour could change
7.1.2 you could loose your sight completely for ever
7.2 Good
7.2.1 You can start to see again
7.3 Is it worth trying
7.3.1 Yes Why?
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