How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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How effective my combination of my main products and ancillary texts are

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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
1 An outline of my brand concept
1.1 The initial concept I aimed for with my brand was to get a sort of 'Grungy' messy and dark feel, this can be understood through the uses of mise-en-scene throughout my music video. It can also be linked towards the logo of my brand which has a sort of 'messy' drawing concept towards it. The main character's clothing is the colour of black adding towards the 'Grungy' and 'Dark' concept I am aiming for.
2 The logo concept
2.1 I designed the brand's logo with the use of Photoshop, I purposely gave the typography a 'Messy handwriting' feel that it will fit into the stereotypes of the rock genre, this works well with my audience as they will mostly consist of 'Rock' fans.
3 I maintained the continuity of my products across all of my products by following the same theme. The theme that I followed was a 'Dark' atmosphere, which I did follow in all my products, my CD digipack has a dark background, my mise-en-scene within my music video has dark clothing and atmosphere at points. I deliberately made it so that my CD front cover gives a serious attitude and look whereas my music video will seem like a more light hearted perspective. I made it so that these two link towards the Levi Straus's theory of binary oppositions, the oppositions being "Light hearted and Serious"
4 Personalised messages
4.1 I have added into both my website and also my CD Digipack personalised messages, this will give the feel of the 'Star' theory giving the idea that the audience is interacting with the star, I think this benefits my products because if a person becomes more personalised towards something they are more likely to 'Bond' better with it, evidentially supporting the artist in which they feel like they're connecting with.
5 Website and CD Digipack
5.1 In both my website and also my CD digipack I have followed the same colour schemes of having a dark feel, this synergy between the two works because the audience are able to identify the genre instantly from the look of both of the products, since there is synergy between the two products it gives them a more 'Organised' look onto it.
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