Plastic water bottles (Nestle)


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Plastic water bottles (Nestle)
  1. Manufacturing
    1. Negative consequences
      1. Health
        1. Many people who live near manufacturing plants have numerous health problems such as respiratory issues.
        2. Environment
          1. Manufactured in petrochemical plants that release harmful chemicals
            1. Oil based transportation contributes to global warming
                1. Uses lots of energy to produce
                  1. Decreases water sources
                    1. Uses fossil fuels to make
                      1. This creates pollution
                2. Use
                  1. Negative consequences
                    1. Health
                      1. Cancer causing PFOA's
                        1. If the water bottle is overheated or reused, it increases the amount of chemicals from the plastic, and are released in water.
                          1. Bottled water is virtually the same as tap water
                            1. 22% can contain harmful contaminants that exceed state health limits
                            2. When we eat fish, we're taking in traces of plastic too
                              1. PET is often linked to bacterial contamination if overused
                                1. This releases DEHA which is toxic
                                  1. Can cause liver damage, reproductive difficulties, and cancer
                              2. Environment
                                1. Fish may eat plastic found in water bottles (relates to health/use)
                              3. Holds water
                                1. Has many uses such as drinking, using for cooking, cleaning etc
                                  1. Disposal
                                    1. Negative consequences
                                      1. Health
                                        1. When you don't dispose properly..
                                          1. Creates pollution
                                            1. Leads to health issues
                                            2. Effects tap water (relates to disposal and environment)
                                          2. Environment
                                            1. Contain harmful chemicals that may end up in the stomachs of many animals from both land, and sea.
                                              1. Leading cause of pollution in oceans
                                                1. The majority of them will never degrade.
                                                  1. Causes death for many sea and land animals
                                                2. Uses up valuable land when you throw it in the garbage
                                              2. How it should be disposed
                                                1. It should be recycled
                                                2. How it is actually disposed
                                                  1. 86% of water bottles in the US end up as "garbage" in landfills.
                                                3. Greener/ safer alternatives
                                                  1. Stainless steel/glass resusable water bottles
                                                    1. Saves money, and reduces carbon footprint. They don't leak any chemicals
                                                    2. Choose plastic water bottles carfeully
                                                      1. Read the type of plastic ( on label) carefully
                                                        1. Only use those labeled #1, 2, 4, and 5. Avoid #3, 6 , and 7.
                                                      2. Avoid usage when possible.
                                                        1. Drink from a public water fountain, or regular tap water.
                                                        2. Active Ingredients
                                                          1. PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
                                                            1. H2O
                                                            2. If the product is no longer available..
                                                              1. Impact on society
                                                                1. Many people are used to buying water bottles
                                                                  1. Third world countries will have a more difficult time adjusting
                                                                  2. Past customers would save money
                                                                    1. Companies would lose money
                                                                    2. Impact on the environment
                                                                      1. Cleaner air
                                                                        1. Less global warming
                                                                        2. Animal deaths will decrease
                                                                          1. Decrease plastic going in water, and landfills
                                                                          2. Impact on personal health
                                                                            1. Less health problems
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