Persecution of minorities

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Persecution of minorities
1 Nuremburg laws
1.1 15 September 1935, Nuremburg laws were passed
1.2 Reich law on Citizenship stated that only those of German blood could be German citizens. Jews lost right to vote, hold government office or have German passports
1.3 Reich law for Protection of German Blood and Honour forbade Jews from marrying German citizens
1.4 April 1938 - Jews had to register all possessions - making it easier for government to confiscate them
1.5 July 1938 - Jews had to carry an identity card stamped J for Jew
1.6 July 1938 - Jewish doctors, dentists and lawyers were forbidden to work for white Aryan Germans
2 Kristall Nacht
2.1 7 November 1938 - Polish Jew, Hershel Grynszpan shot Ernst von Rath (random German)
2.2 Hershel had a grievence against Germans for the way they had treated his parents
2.3 9 November - von Rath died
2.4 Goebbels said Fuhrer had ordered that, if Germans decided to take revenge on Jews, government should do nothing to prevent it
2.5 Heydrich, Himler's assistant director of SS, sent instructions to local SS groups to arrest as many Jews as they could fit into prisons
2.6 9&10 November - gangs smashed Jew's properties and attacked Jews - about 100 Jews killed
2.7 These events were called Kristallnacht (crystal night) or Night of the Broken Glass
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