Women in Nazi Germany

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Women in Nazi Germany
1 Education
1.1 From 14 they entered Bund Deutscher Madel (German Girls' League)
1.2 Girls joined Jumandel (Hitler Youth) from 10
1.3 They were taught their role in life was as a good wife/ mother and their place was in the house - the 3 k's - kinder, kurche, kuche
2 Breeding Program
2.1 Women had biological purpose
2.2 Medals for women who had more than 4 children
2.3 Banned contraception and abortion
2.4 Sterilised racially impure
2.5 Encouraged unmarried women to have children via 'Lebensboin' where women pregnant by racially pure SS officers
3 Employment
3.1 Women were expected to be home-makers, wives and mothers
3.2 1934 - Women dismissed from professions
3.3 Women taken out of labor market
3.4 1936 - Women couldn't be judges or sit on jury
4 Physical Constraints
4.1 Not allowed to wear make-up, have hair dyed or permed
4.2 Only to wear flat shoes - no trousers allowed
4.3 No smoking - 'unGerman'
4.4 No slimming as thought unhealthy and would upset child-bearing
4.5 Long hair put in a bun or plaits
5 Marriage
5.1 1933 - Law for Encouragement of marriage which gave newly weds government loan of 1000 marks. Encouraged them to have children
5.2 1924 - 10 commandments for choice of spouse which encouraged people fitting German Ideal to marry and keep race pure
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