Drama exam-question 1

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Drama exam-question 1
1 Period
1.1 The modern day because we were preparing current year 6 students for secondary school.
2 style
2.1 stylized physical theatre
3 genre
3.1 TIE (theatre in education)
4 Performance space
4.1 two tiered end on stage
4.1.1 I also used the path from the entrance of the auditorium to the stage.
5 Contribution
5.1 Actor
6 Character
6.1 My character was called 'Lieutenant L.' and was a bossy and grumpy person who tried to keep everyone in line and was some time a bit of a bully.
7 Function
7.1 The Presenter
8 technical or design elements used
8.1 props
8.1.1 scooter
8.2 Costume
8.2.1 brown walking boots
8.2.2 long grungy green button up jacket
8.2.3 Black jeans
9 what the piece was about
9.1 The piece was about helping and preparing year 6 students for secondary school through a series of acted out scenarios.
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