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1 Urban land use
1.1 CBD
1.1.1 Largest offices and shops
1.1.2 High land values, rents and rates (tall buildings)
1.1.3 Most accessible location- roads lead to CBD
1.1.4 Main place of work- leads to traffic congestion
1.2 Inner city
1.2.1 Old high-density terraced houses.
1.2.2 Old (sometimes abandoned) factories and warehouses
1.2.3 Areas of derelict land
1.2.4 High rise flats
1.2.5 Pockets of smart new development
1.2.6 Roads in grid-iron pattern
1.3 Suburbs
1.3.1 Irregular road pattern
1.3.2 Modern detached/semi-detached housing
1.3.3 Houses have driveways, garages and gardens
1.3.4 More space
1.4 Rural-urban fringe
1.4.1 Lots of space
1.4.2 Bigger houses
1.4.3 No main roads
1.4.4 Surrounded by fields
1.4.5 Small in size
2 Housing
2.2 Uk housing problems
2.2.1 Ageing population
2.2.2 Not enough homes being built to match population
2.2.3 Social changes- people living alone and couples divorcing
2.3 Brownfield and greenfield sites
2.3.1 Government policy is now to use browned sites Saves the countryside
2.3.2 Brownfield site Land that has previously been built on Old factories and warehouses
2.3.3 Greenfield site Land that hasn't been built on before fields in the countryside
3 Stockton
3.1 Inner city (TDC)
3.1.1 Projects Teesside park Out of town shopping centre Tees barrage Teesdale £500 million Heavy engineering Riverside staduim Housing 1300 housing units built
3.1.2 1:8 ratio government spending: private investment
3.1.3 Used government money Make derelict land attractive to investors Bring wealth and jobs to the area
3.2 CBD
3.2.1 Problems Congestion along A66 narrow inner city roads Competition from teesside park Prone to vandalism Pollution and litter along high street Town centre taken over by charity shops don't pay business rates
3.2.2 Solutions Bus lanes along mandale triangle wellington square £43 million Big brands Bring shoppers into stockton More litter bins CCTV Regeneration £20 milllion 5 year
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