My Training Path

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Mind map of my Business Communication course

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My Training Path
1 Marketing Management
1.1 Open MIT
1.2 This course is an introduction to marketing: the study or practice of providing goods or services that satisfy human desires. To illustrate and discuss marketing concepts,. This course will also use case studies to illustrate marketing principles and to apply marketing concepts to the real world.
2 Digital Marketing
2.1 Google
2.2 Is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. The skills learned in this course will help shape your advertising goals and strategy for the Google Online Marketing Challenge.
3 Branding, content and social media
3.1 Itunes
3.2 This course will help earning attention with something you publish for a strategic reason to a particular audience in the online universe. You will learn to focus your energies where branding, social media, and compelling content intersect. This course is designed to be self-directed.
4 Leadership Communications
4.1 Open Harvard
4.2 Students learn how to communicate clearly and persuasively, in a way that inspires action. They learn how to tailor communications to different audiences, connect authentically with their audience through their unique leadership style, and create compelling, high-impact presentations and communications.
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